Но я же не отдам Некту яблока!
«And that was why, Tony knew, he would be disappointed, over and over again. Why he would keep being hurt by the pettiness, the cruelty, the ugliness of human nature. It was an abusive relationship in microcosm: Steve being blindsided by some new instance of commonplace, unspeakable evil; Steve letting himself be comforted by anecdotal goodness and the occasional Samaritans; Steve superimposing patterns of decency and order on an indifferent and chaotic universe; Steve making justifications, empathizing, letting his guard down, until the process began all over again. He always expected it would be different the next time, always forgave and forgot because it was easier than the alternative.»

И, конечно же, Тони Старк объясняет Роджерсу, кто такой Тюринг.

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