Но я же не отдам Некту яблока!
Oh, I’ve caused a shitstorm. Sorry. I barely understand Tumblr (I’m much better at the Twitter, I just have an account so I can see the lovely arts n crafts some of you make on here). We’re going to make a really good recording of the show this summer and I want you to hear that. I’m thrilled you haven’t heard a shitty, half-iphone recorded version yet, because I spent 6 years writing this and when you hear it, I want you to hear what I intended. I’m sorry theater only exists in one place at a time but that is also its magic. A bootleg cannot capture it. I’m grateful and glad you want to hear it, and I want you to hear it RIGHT. I ask your patience. This is Lin, by the way. Do I click reblog now? What is th

Кстати, вот.
Адекватный человек доходчиво объясняет о важности идеи создателя, и как эта идея переводится в пересказах: отражение луны в луже.
Учту на будущее, когда мне снова будет бомбить про русскую версию Мусорника.

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